What You Can Expect Before, During and After Your Trip

Before Your Trip
Once you’ve booked your race experience with Grand Prix Tours, you will receive an email from one of staff members. This staff member will be your personal contact from the very beginning of your trip, to the very end. Contact them anytime with any questions you may have up until your departure.


10-14 Days Before Your Trip
You will be receiving a package in the mail with various Grand Prix Tours goodies. This will usually include your ticket holders, lanyards, an exclusive tshirt, earplugs, a race itinerary and various other information. Please note, race tickets are NOT included in this package as we like to personally hand these over to you during the race weekend.


During Your Trip
A Grand Prix Tours representative will be travelling with you over the race weekend. We are there to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any insight you may need for the race weekend. Your onsite Grand Prix Tours representative will be travelling with you to and from the race track, so feel free to utilize their assistance with any of your needs onsite.


After Your Trip
Grand Prix Tours sends out a survey to get any feedback you may have, whether positive or negative. Our race experiences are designed for you, so any feedback you have is very important to us and we do take it very seriously.