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2017 Monaco Grand Prix

75th Monaco Grand Prix

There are thousands of reasons to visit Monaco!

  • Location...Location...Location! This fairytale principality nestled in the gorgeous French Riviera.

  • Monaco`s exclusive hotels, multimillion dollar mega-yachts, gourmet restaurants, high-end shopping exotic cars parked on every corner.

  • Monaco is unique being one of only two real street courses on the Formula One schedule.

  • Experience the race cars at close range with engines screaming, brakes glowing and tires smoking!

  • The Monaco Grand Prix often produces a controversy this year was no exception. It was Lewis Hamilton`s turn to win after losing out to a badly called pit stop the previous year. This year it was Red Bulls turn to make a bad call and lost the race for Daniel Riciardo with an unprepared pit stop, even after it was the team that called Daniel in.

    75th 2017 Monaco GP the Amber Lounge-Watching from a Yacht-great Balcony Viewing.

    There is no denying Monaco absolutely delivers on the expectations it sets for wealth, luxury, and visual delight. Pristine villas grace the cliffs like billows of whipped cream, cerulean waters drum a rhythm against the rocks beneath and immaculate yachts bob gently in the marinas.

    Make sure you watch from the best location, a simple phone call will point you in the right direction. A balcony, harbor yacht, the paddock club, or any of the grandstands.

    During the Grand Prix sponsors throw money around like there is no tomorrow the F1 circus in full swing--all the pomp and circumstance, Ritz and glitz--show the glamorous side of F1. Arguably, the Monaco Grand Prix is the most esteemed motor race.

    To see the cars reach the speeds they do in such a confined area is incredible. It`s also a testament to the talent of the drivers. Anyone can drive fast on a wide, smooth racing circuit, the bravery factor definitely comes into play at Monaco, you can fluke a win in F1...but you don`t fluke a win at Monaco.

    All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, per person based on double occupancy.

    All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, per person based on double occupancy.