Monaco Le Ponant

Monaco Grand Prix
Nothing says “Prestige” more than having your own deluxe sailing yacht moored right inside the Monaco harbor over the Grand Prix weekend.  Imagine – you, a glass of bubbly, and the deep blue Mediterranean, basking in the sun while everyone else around you is scrambling to find the perfect hang out. Now doesn’t that just sound dreamy? Not convinced? Here are some more reasons why you should come with Grand Prix Tours aboard, the world famous Le Ponant:
If you choose to experience the Monaco Grand Prix onboard Le Ponant, be prepared to receive the highest level of service and cuisine, with the luxury of a private yacht and the pleasures of a world class cruise ship.

Le Ponant is the perfect partner for the Monaco Grand Prix. Add fifty race enthusiasts, and you create a wonderful atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie.Moored inside the Monaco Harbor, a few steps from the Formula 1 paddock.

You can`t get any closer to the action than this!

Year round, Monaco is a spectacular place, but when you combine it with the most popular F1 race in the world, the experience is unimaginable. For well over 50 years the Monaco Grand Prix has been regarded as the most prestigious motor race in the world, and with the Principality of Monaco as its backdrop it is no surprise. Not only is this the biggest race event of the year, it is also the grand social event of the year. The streets are lined with expensive sports cars and the harbor is jam-packed with dozens of boats, all vying to be part of the world`s most glamorous grand prix.

Monaco Grand Prix Offers:

Spend seven glorious days aboard a luxurious sixty-passenger yacht, visiting the most exciting destinations possible. Enjoy the advantages of being onboard Le Ponant, in the center of this elegant Principality, surrounded by the most exciting event of the year. While others make dining reservations weeks in advance, Le Ponant guests eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at their reserved table, greeted by name, as stewards serve gourmet food and cater to their every whim. While regular spectators walk miles through crowded streets to their grandstand and hospitality suites, Le Ponant guests walk but a short distance to their chosen viewing. As others jostle for attention in crowded lobbies, Le Ponant guests will be taken care of by an attentive crew.

Throw in stops at Porto Venere and Cannes, where the film festival is in full swing, before heading to the most perfect setting for the most celebrated grand prix event, and one that you definitely should experience in 2016.

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Thursday 1-Day
*Rascasse [+]   $375.00
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $595.00
*K Grandstand [+]   $120.00
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $995.00
Saturday 1-Day
T Grandstand [+]   $350.00
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $1,525.00
*Cafe De Paris [+]   $545.00
*Ermanno 6th Floor [+]   $1,125.00
Platinum Terrace [+]   Sold Out
K Grandstand [+]   $350.00
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $3,995.00
*F1 Paddock ClubTM [+]   $6,400.00
*Ermanno Terrace [+]   $3,495.00
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $4,250.00
Platinum Terrace [+]   Sold Out
Sunday 1-Day Tickets
T Grandstand [+]   $770.00
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $3,845.00
*Ermanno Terrace [+]   $3,225.00
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $3,995.00
Platinum Terrace [+]   Sold Out
K Grandstand [+]   $770.00

* indicates ticket is on request
- Tickets are not included with your hotel package and are offered separately as there is usually a choice.
- Additional charges apply if tickets are purchased without accommodations. Please contact our office for details and for race ticket only sales.
- Additional options that are not listed here may be available.
- All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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Monaco Grand Prix
Monaco is like no other place on earth. It is the home of the super-rich, who take their out-of-town vacation when the crowds and noisy race cars come once a year. They like their elbow room and being able to get a table at their favorite restaurant. Ever bought a $70 beer or a Coke for $50? During the Grand Prix the nicely-printed new menus are more than double the regular prices, if you can get a table.

You can tell your friends back home about the $70 bottles of beer and the $300 scotch at the Billionaires Club you didn`t buy. There are tales that the crews of super yachts have spent $70,000 for an evening out on the owner`s tab. Sounds crazy doesn`t it, but it is the excesses of corporate spending that people brag about when they get home.
Stay on le ponant and you can go where ever and whenever you want to go. If you are tempted to be on a big cruise lines be aware they will have to follow a stricked schedule have to stay out anchored at sea, and that is a problem. You get a few white caps and you can`t get off the ship - imagine going all that way to Monaco, spending oodles of money, and not seeing the race? You can also get stuck in Monaco if the ship sails to a safer harbor. Vacations are not for this type of predicament.

We have operated tours to the Monaco Grand Prix for over 30 years and have experienced all the problems you can have. You can look on a map that shows a grandstand within easy reach - because of road closures it will take you 50 minutes to get there by foot, unless you know about the tunnels that will shorten your walk to a few minutes. All the GP Tours staff has experienced the Monaco Grand Prix over 20 times. They know how to get to the Old Town in a few minutes, or the Casino by boat and elevator in five minutes flat.

The Monaco Grand Prix can be a nightmare or the most exciting weekend of your life. We prefer the latter as we organize the trip, and look after you with our expertise when you are there. We make sure you get the best Monaco Grand Prix available. Our inside connections allow us to get the best rooms and the best viewing locations available, along with our knowledge of the each event location you will be sure to have an experience of a life time and a hassle-free weekend.

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