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Manchester United

Manchester United

Since the end of the Second World War, the Manchester United Team could be termed as `The Tale of two Scottish Knights`, who have won over 50 major soccer trophies between them. They created teams like the `Busby Babes` and the `Class of `92, and many other great teams that made Manchester United the leading football club in the UK. It came through tragedy, hard work and great leadership that spanned over fifty years of success that includes 18 league and premiership titles. Tragedy struck in 1958 from the Munich air disaster with the team losing the lives of eight players and two others so badly injured they could not play again. Manager Mat Busby was given the last rites twice before recovering. Manchester United received great sympathy by the British public in general and then admiration on their recovery.

Manchester United--Jose Mourinho--Football Hotel-Old Trafford

In recent years, during the EPL era, the club has gone from strength to strength winning 50% of the Premiership titles under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson who won his final championship in 2013 by ten points. Sir Alex was always quotable; he called Manchester City `our noisy neighbors` or `my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their perch`. He was a strict disciplinarian, and also had a temper and was nicknamed Furious Furgie by players after one of his famous hairdryer half-time talks. The problem of having a really great leader is replacing him and United have hired three managers in as many years. However it took Sir Alex seven years to become successful, so the fans and the club may need to be very patient.

Old Trafford is on the north side of Trafford Park Industrial Estate, it was named after the Old Trafford Hall built in 1050, after the Trafford family moved into a new hall in Trafford Park. In more recent history the Trafford Industrial Estate became run down when the Manchester Ship canal became too narrow for modern container ships, leading to the closure of Salford Docks. The docks are replaced by Salford Quays a modern up-market township that includes the Lowry centre and media city, where all the big TV companies have studios and headquarters. The Quays are walking distance from the Old Trafford grounds. There is also a wonderful tram system that gives access to Old Trafford and the Manchester area.

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