Italian Extravaganza

Italian Extravaganza

Take your most memorable motor racing experience, multiply it by ten and this is the feeling you will come away with after you have experienced the Italian Extravaganza.

This extraordinary event encompasses the fascinating world of racing - you`ll be treated to the famed collections of the Lamborghini Museum and a visit to their factory, the Dallara factory where the Haas Formula 1 are said to have their new formula 1 car built here as well as many Le Mans cars, all the current Indy Cars and many other formula cars including Formula E. Most weekends there are 300 Dallara race cars running throughout the world. The Dallara conglomerate also builds the Bugatti Veyron, the Maserati MC12, and has its own sports car.

Lamborghini - Dallara - Pagani - Ferrari - Panini - Private Collection - Bugatti

Pagani have moved to a new facility and are increasing production of their brand, we are looking forward to visiting this small manufacture`s new home. The privater collection we visit will blow your mind and even includes the very first Ferrari ever built! Top it all off with a visit to the Ferrari test track and bus tour through the factory facilities, Ferrari museum visit in Maranello, the Alfa Romeo museum and the Panini Museum and Cheese Farm and you are about to be treated to a-once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We then continue to the Monza circuit. After lunch we can take in the Pit Walkabout to catch a glimpse of the cars being prepared for the Grand Prix and perhaps even see one or two drivers. Afterwards we drive to your hotel in Como in readiness for the forthcoming Grand Prix weekend.

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Italian Extravaganza
In the early days, Enzo Ferrari was a test driver and later a race driver for Alfa Romeo. He had some success in racing an Alfa at local events, but didn`t quite make it to the big time. He became the Alfa dealer in Modena and set up Scuderia (Stable) Ferrari to manage rich Alfa owners prepare and race their cars. His successful Scuderia became the official works team with Alfa Romeo supplying the latest race cars. A ride around "The Three Provinces" Circuit with Tazio Nuvolari convinced Enzo that his skills as a team manager exceeded his driving ability considerably and his driving took a back seat.

It is said that in this part of Italy, you could take a farm worker out of the fields and turn him into a great race mechanic practically overnight. So the Modena area became like the Silicon Valley for Exotic Cars. Maserati, OSCAR, Ferrari, Lamberghini, Stanguellini, Dallara, and Pagani would not have produced exotic cars without the ability of the local mechanics. When Phil Hill would host this tour with our group he would always meet with his old team mechanics, such was his admiration and close relationship.

There is nothing mundane about the cars built around Modena. The passion runs deep, it is about the most exotic engines with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini still producing V12`s. Incredible designers like Bertone, Ghia, Pininfarina, Scaglietti, Touring, Vignale and Zagato produce the Italian coachwork of the supercars that make the enthusiast drool. This area is all about the best Exotic cars and race cars produced in the world, so we take you behind the scenes on a tour of a life time.

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