D Day Normandy Battlefields

D Day Tour of the Normandy Battlefields

Following the weekend of the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans join Grand Prix Tours as we take part in the D-Day Living Experience Tour of the Normandy Battlefields. Come be a part of the remembrance of that fateful day 75 years ago.

This special 3 day and 2 night trip is a full immersion experience complete with period correct uniforms and military equipment. You will tour the Battlesfields of Normandy via jeep convoy and take part in reenactments that will make you feel as if you have gone back in time.

This experience is sure to stoke old memories for many who attend while also providing for new realistic memories to be made. A perfect motorsport and historic week a waits with Grand Prix Tours.

Transfers, Accommodations & Reenactment

At Grand Prix Tours we pride ourselves on only offering the very best in motorsport and reenactment experiences. Join us for the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans then continue on to an experience of a life time to remember D Day.

A Transfer from the city of Tours to Normandy has been arranged and is included in the tour. Also once the tour is complete you will be transferred to the train station to return to Paris or continue on with your vacation.

Also included in the tour are two nights Accommodations. While in Normandy you will stay in a renovated and former head quarters of the allied forces during the war. Breakfast is also included each morning.

Come be a part of an amazingly detailed Reenactment experience. This full immersion experience is a great way to learn about and relive the past with friends and family.

Grand Prix Tours has taken care of all of the details and has arranged an amazing vacation. Call (800) 400-1998 to book your trip or to contact us with any questions. Click Show Packages to learn more and to see details and pricing.

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"D-Day Normandy Battlefields Experience"
You will have the honor and the privilege of riding in a period correct jeep on trails of Normandy, the very place where the jeep evolved in June of 1944. The jeep provides us with an incomparable tool to evoke emotion and awaken the senses. The unmistakable sight and sounds of the Willy`s jeep better known as the Go-Devil will complete the sensation of authenticity. You will become an actor borrowing time in this realistic and live museum.

The local architecture of Normandy instantly immerses you in the past. Not much has changed in this area since June 6, 1944. Every palatial estate has its history that the owners are happy to tell their stories while welcoming you warmly. Many of these historical residences were requisitioned during the Nazi occupation, and the narratives of battles to drive out the enemy are very interesting and unique.

As part of your stay you will have the option to live like a soldier would have in 1944. The camp is intended to resemble the ones that would have been setup on the soil of Normandy when advancing allied troops were moving though the fields. You will learn survival techniques used by the solders and will get to know the fresh and pleasant nights of Normandy.

This unique adventure will offer you many surprises one being encounters with witnesses of the past. Whether they are veterans of the military or a civilian witness it is always with the same emotion that they share their stories of the past. It is no surprise that it is often these moments that guests keep memories of for a long time to come.

Although our stay happens in immersion, we do not deprive a taste of the French gastronomy, Normandy offers wonderful French cooking. The seafood is a local specialty along with fabulous French wine of course!

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