Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC

There is magic in the air, excitement in the city, Chelsea is playing at home today. Would you like to be there? Be at Stamford Bridge and get the full Chelsea VIP treatment, enjoy a three course buffet and wine in abundance with a club ambassador who happens to be a former Chelsea player. A glass of champagne and canapés as you enter the VIP suite and you will feel the excitement bubbling up with pleasure. We also have fabulous grandstand seats, refreshments and savories for half-time.

Chelsea FC--Premier League--London--Top Class Team--Excitement

You may be surprised to know Chelsea FC isn`t in Chelsea but in the bordering town of Fulham. In 1905 when the club was formed they bought a stadium in Fulham and as there is a football club called Fulham FC they called the new club Chelsea FC.

Chelsea has a fabulous history of success over the years and particularly over the past few years after Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the club it has gone from strength to strength. The Billionaire pumped countless millions into the club, great players with superb management has made Chelsea a major sports brand that is known throughout the world.

The Club has had in excess of one hundred competitive seasons in the English leagues and has been in the top flight of English football for over 26th consecutive seasons. Continually winning trophies over the years has given Chelsea a large fan base that drives the finance that helps cement their success.

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English Premier League
The English Premier League (EPL) was formed in 1992 when the English first division clubs broke away from the Football League to take advantage of the lucrative television rights. The EPL rights brought the twenty clubs $2.40 billion at the end of the 2014/15 season, and was split equally to sharholders (the Teams). It has driven the clubs to acquire the best managers and players, making it the most valuable league in the world. During the past twenty-five years it has brought billionaires from around the world to buy into the teams and further develop revenues. Super stadiums are built leading to larger crowds, and magnificent hospitality opportunities plus higher branding fees.

The teams play in wonderful stadiums enjoying the fruits of the premiership as do the spectators seated with a perfect view of the game. Millions of fans are able to watch their favorite teams on television. The hospitality suites offer corporate or special group`s champagne and cuisine at a quarter of the price some other sports charge. So the spectacle of the EPL is going from strength to strength, as the teams get better and the facilities more luxurious.

This is where we come in as we can offer you the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous hospitality, watch the best soccer in the world and be part of those incredible extras, like meeting a player, rubbing shoulders with a club legend, and getting behind the scenes where others can`t go.

During the Premiership Chelsea has won 5 FA Cups, 4 EPL titles, 4 UEFA Cups, 2 League Cup wins and 2 Charity Shield wins over the past twenty five years. Take a break from everyday cares and join the EPL for a game or two.

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