Canadian Grand Prix

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What city screams Formula One during the Grand Prix weekend? Well Montreal of course! Grand Prix Tours offers a choice of 4 different hotels to fit your lifestyle, choice of race tickets and hospitality. Join Grand Prix Tours for their Race Preview Party which will give you the inside scoop for the weekend!

Last year even Sir Jackie Stewart showed up! Imagine the thrill of Formula One along side one giant epic party, this equals the Canadian Grand Prix! Ask any one of our team members, this race is one for the books!

Canadian Grand Prix--Cocktail and Dinner Party with F1 celebrities

When our neighbor to the north hosts F1 in mid June there is reason to celebrate. Fans descend onto Montreal by the masses diving head first into the fanfare, parties, pageantry and high rolling that inevitably go hand in hand with Formula One racing. And they love it!

The circuit was built in 1967 on a man-made island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River and was named in honor of Gilles Villeneuve. The F1 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal combines a mixture of slow and fast corners and demands a lot of the engines as well as the braking system. As for entertainment, Montreal literally turns itself over to the Canadian Grand Prix each year. A great city for night owls, when the sun goes down, options for night time revelry are abundant in Montreal. From upscale to budget bars, to popular districts for dance clubs like on Rue St Laurent, this city has it all! Visit the Old Port and see a Cirque du Soleil show! You won`t be disappointed.

Downtown Montreal is home to McGill University and shopping venues, while Old Montreal contains a plethora of historic buildings, the oldest of which date back to the 17th century. Outdoor opportunities, including a network of cycling and walking paths through one of the city`s many parks. For the more adventurous, river surfing is popular on the Saint Lawrence River, while kayaking opportunities are available on the Lachine rapids.

While the actual race is about two hours long the brouhaha emanating from those 120 minutes easily covers a week. Practice, qualifying, street fairs, vintage cars, live shows, choice people watching... there`s more than enough action on and off the track that make the Canadian Grand Prix a fan favorite!

And since Montreal is a no-brainer when it comes to blending culture, fun and racing, we can`t think of a better way to spend the second weekend of June than at the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix!

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Friday 1-Day
F1 Paddock Club [+]   $725.00
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day
*Red Bull Racing [+]   $6,700.00
*F1 Paddock Club [+]   $5,125.00
All Weekend 3-Day
*F1 Paddock Club [+]   $5,645.00
Red Bull Racing [+]   Sold Out
*Grandstand 1 [+]   $515.00
*Ferrari F1 Club [+]   $8,595.00
Grandstand 11 [+]   $365.00
Grandstand 12 [+]   $365.00
*Grandstand 24 [+]   $365.00
*Grandstand 15 [+]   $365.00
*Elite Restaurant [+]   $2,695.00

* indicates ticket is on request
Tickets are not included with your hotel package and are offered separately as there is usually a choice. Additional options that are not listed here may be available. Please contact our office for details and for race ticket only sales. All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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Ferrari F1 Club®

The Paddock Club™ is situated in a indoor suite topped by a roof garden with views over the entire complex. The luxuriously appointed Ferrari F1 Club® suite offers its guests a wide range of modern, sophisticated facilities.

The Ferrari F1 Club® experience includes the following:

  • A prime view of the race
  • Access to the Ferrari Formula 1® Club for the race weekend
  • Morning refreshments upon arrival
  • Gourmet dining and fine wines
  • An open bar
  • Exclusive Gift Bag
  • Driver appearances
  • A private visit to the Ferrari pits
  • Pit Lane walkabout each day at a set time

Ferrari personnel will, of course, be on hand to fulfill guests' requests at any time. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us at or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Red Bull Racing Paddock Club

Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Hospitality is available at most Grands Prix where guests can experience Red Bull Hospitality at its very best - in their own fabulous Team Suite.

Situated directly above the Teams' garages, it not only offers the highest standard in sports hospitality but also provides an exceptional viewing platform from one of the best vantage points on the circuits - overlooking the start/finish straight.

The Red Bull Racing Paddock Club experience includes the following:

  • A prime view of the race
  • Morning refreshments upon arrival
  • Gourmet dining and fine wines
  • An open bar
  • Exclusive Team Gift Bag
  • Daily driver appearances
  • Your opportunity to explore the pit lane
  • An exclusive tour inside the Team Garage
  • Access to the Support Race Paddock
  • Complimentary copy of the Official Program
  • Entertainment and in-house DJ
  • VIP Parking

We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exciting luxury of the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Paddock Club

This season's must-have accessory is a Formula One Paddock Club™ ticket. Guests of the Formula One Paddock Club™ embark on a first class adventure into the world of F1. Each VIP will experience first-class race viewing facilities, pit lane walkabouts, the finest of food, open bar including champagne, and closed circuit and digital television.

Included in the price of a Formula One Paddock Club™ Ticket are:

  • Access to the circuit and the Formula One Paddock Club
  • Open bar with Champagne
  • Gourmet luncheon with fine wines
  • Pit lane walkabout(s) at specially allotted times
  • Access to Support Race Paddock
  • Official Programme and ear plugs
  • Entertainment
  • Entrance to the Club Suite, the hospitality area designed for individuals and small groups fully-equipped with TV screens, bar and lounge area.
  • Prime viewing facilities from the pit building
  • Reserved grandstand
  • Parking pass available upon request

We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exclusive luxury of the Formula One Paddock Club™. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Canadian Grand Prix
The Canadian Grand Prix alternated between Mosport Park and Circuit Mont-Tremblant and moved to Montreal after both were considered unsafe. Ile Notre Dame was chosen and there was great interest in a new Canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve.

Gilles Villeneuve drove the number 27 Ferrari. He did not know the meaning of losing; he would keep going no matter what car problems he was having. Phil Hill once told me a story about waiting for Gilles with Enzo Ferrari at Fiorano. Gilles was flying his new helicopter to show it off to Enzo. They waited and waited, until Phil saw an exhausted man riding a bicycle. It turned out to be Gilles who had crash landed his helicopter in a field and borrowed the farmer`s old bike so as not to be too late. It was his way he always fought to the last.

Niki Lauda said of him: "He was the craziest devil I ever came across in Formula 1... The fact that, for all this, he was a sensitive and lovable character rather than an out-and-out hell-raiser made him such a unique human being". There was the time he banged wheels with Rene Arnoux over the final three laps of the 1979 French Grand Prix, the most exciting F1 action I`ve ever seen. Gilles was like the Black Knight in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. Fighting King Arthur the Black Knight fights on after losing both arms and legs. This could have been Gilles.

At the San Marino Grand Prix he had agreed with his team mate not to pass in the early part of the race. However Didier Pironi didn`t keep his word and there was an intense argument after the race. The next race was at Zolder for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. Gilles was on pole only to lose the position to Pironi late in qualifying. Giles jumped in his car to win it back only to run into the back of Jochen Mass at 140 mph. He died and racing lost a wonderful person. Such was Gilles popularity and the fact that he won the very first Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, they named the track after him in `82.

The track in Montreal came about because they were getting ready for the Canadian World Expo and were building an underground rail system to connect the underground city to hotels and transport the Expo visitors. There was nowhere to put the ground they took out for the underground railway so they put it in the St Lawrence and built Ills Notre Dame for the future World Expo and later the race track.

Montreal`s popularity in June is easy to understand. The Province of Quebec is waking up from a long cold winter and the whole population comes out to celebrate in the spring like conditions. They are full of life particularly during the week of the Canadian Grand Prix. The whole city is alive until the early morning; some miss practice due to celebrating too much. Many streets are closed down for the revelers where concerts and auto displays abound.

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