British Grand Prix

2019 British Grand Prix

England is the birth place of modern day F1 racing and is the unofficial home of Formula 1. As such our trip to the British Grand Prix is more than just a race weekend.

Guest of Grand Prix Tours are treated to an amazing series of events including, among other sites, the British Grand Prix, a visit to the British Motor Museum and a private tour of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Factory.

On the Monday after the race we visit the Coventry Museum and to top it off a visit to the Williams F1 Collection then guests are treated to dinner in the Williams Trophy Room.

Airport transfers from London Heathrow airport are included as well as track transfers to and from Silverstone circuit. From start to finish it is our goal to provide our guests with an eventful yet stress free weekend.

Tickets, Hospitality Packages, Transfers & Accommodations

Grand Prix Tours always offers the very best in ticket options. With more than 30 years of consecutive attendance to the British Grand Prix we are sure to only offer tickets in the most desirable grandstands and hospitality suites. Please see our track map and list of available tickets below to get an idea of where you would like to view the race.

Airport and track transfers have been all been arranged for our guests throughout the race weekend. Be sure to check our itinerary and speak with our staff to be sure your arrival and departure times allow you to take advantage of our transfers.

4 star accommodations have also been arranged for our guests joining us on the British Grand Prix. We also have multiple visits to motor museums and private collections that Grand Prix Tours and our guests have been invited to. A highlight of our trip last year was a visit to the Force India Formula 1 Factory.

Grand Prix Tours has taken care of all of the details and has arranged an amazing motorsports vacation. Call (800) 400-1998 to book your trip or to contact us with any questions. Click Show Packages to learn more and to see details and pricing.

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Show Packages


Friday 1-Day
*McLaren Grid Club [+]   $1,480.00
*AstonMartin RedBull [+]   $1,390.00
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day
*McLaren Grid Club [+]   $7,000.00
*Ferrari F1 Club [+]   $7,790.00
*F1 Paddock Club(TM) [+]   $4,660.00
*AstonMartin RedBull [+]   $5,925.00
All Weekend 3-Day
*Becketts Grandstand [+]   $665.00
*AstonMartin RedBull [+]   $6,895.00
*McLaren Grid Club [+]   $8,295.00
F1 Pits Straight [+]   Sold Out
Abbey [+]   Sold Out
Club Grandstand [+]   Sold Out
*Luffield [+]   $595.00
*Ferrari F1 Club [+]   $8,415.00

* indicates ticket is on request
- Tickets are not included with your hotel package and are offered separately as there is usually a choice.
- Additional charges apply if tickets are purchased without accommodations. Please contact our office for details and for race ticket only sales.
- Additional options that are not listed here may be available.
- All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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Show Packages

F1 Vision

Rent the ultimate fan experience - a handheld device that puts live F1 audio, video and stats at your fingertips!

F1 Vision has returned for 2019 and it’s now, better than ever! As an F1 Vision user you will get 1 set of earbuds and access to the following:

  • Live and uncensored driver audio
  • Multiple video channels
  • “Quad-Cam” in car view
  • Team communications
  • Track your favorite driver
  • Pit and tire data
  • Race, lap and segment analytics

Follow this link F1 Vision or call us toll free (800) 400 1998 to reserve yours today!

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Show Packages

Paddock Club

This season's must-have accessory is a Formula One Paddock Club™ ticket. Guests of the Formula One Paddock Club™ embark on a first class adventure into the world of F1. Each VIP will experience first-class race viewing facilities, pit lane walkabouts, the finest of food, open bar including champagne, and closed circuit and digital television.

Included in the price of a Formula One Paddock Club™ Ticket are:

  • Access to the circuit and the Formula One Paddock Club
  • Open bar with Champagne
  • Gourmet luncheon with fine wines
  • Pit lane walkabout(s) at specially allotted times
  • Guided Paddock Tours (except Australia, Singapore and Brazil)
  • Truck Tour (at select venues)
  • Access to Support Race Paddock
  • Official Programme and ear plugs
  • Entertainment
  • Access to the Club Suite, the hospitality area designed for individuals and small groups fully-equipped with TV screens, bar and lounge area.
  • Prime viewing facilities from the pit building
  • Reserved grandstand at select races
  • Parking pass available upon request

We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exclusive luxury of the Formula One Paddock Club™. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us at or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Show Packages

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Experience

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Experience is available at most Grands Prix where guests can experience Red Bull Hospitality at its very best - in their own fabulous Team Suite.

Often situated directly above the Teams' garages, it not only offers the highest standard in sports hospitality but also provides an exceptional viewing platform from one of the best vantage points on the circuits - overlooking the start/finish straight.

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Experience includes the following:

  • Fully hosted team suite often above the F1 team garages and Pit Lane
  • Live racing action on GPTV within the suite
  • Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso team appearances
  • Morning refreshments upon arrival
  • Gourmet dining and fine wines
  • An open bar
  • Exclusive Team Gift Bag
  • Driver appearances
  • Your opportunity to access pit lane at dedicated times across the weekend
  • Tour of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing garage and Live Pit Links to the Team garage
  • Access to the Support Race Paddock
  • Entertainment and in-house DJ
  • VIP Parking

We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exciting luxury of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Experience. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us at or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Show Packages

Ferrari F1 Club®

The Paddock Club™ is situated in a indoor suite topped by a roof garden with views over the entire complex. The luxuriously appointed Ferrari F1 Club® suite offers its guests a wide range of modern, sophisticated facilities.

The Ferrari F1 Club® experience includes the following:

  • A prime view of the race
  • Access to the Ferrari Formula 1® Club for the race weekend
  • Morning refreshments upon arrival
  • Gourmet dining and fine wines
  • An open bar
  • Exclusive Gift Bag
  • Driver appearances
  • A private visit to the Ferrari pits
  • Pit Lane walkabout each day at a set time

Ferrari personnel will, of course, be on hand to fulfill guests' requests at any time. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us at or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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British Grand Prix
Since WWII Britain has lost over fifty auto company brands, some people said it was poor management, others the unions fault, while some buyers said they were rusty before leaving the showroom and the reason the English drank warm beer was because the instrument manufacturers made fridges like their instruments. They did not work either! And this is the country that brought about the industrial revolution 150 years before.

Well the area around Silverstone is changing things, twenty five years or so from now we will see a totally different picture. The word is passion, and the answer is Formula 1, and the reason is passionate engineers. When you see teams with up to 600 employees with twenty grands prix a year, when they had only 50 employees a few years ago, you get incredible groups of specialists.

There are big spinoffs. McLaren produce a whole range of products including the wonderful sports cars under Ron Dennis`s regime. Red Bull are working with Aston Martin, TAG is in the wings (excuse the pun) helping finance an engine not named Renault. Williams with BMW and Jaguar over the years and have several licensed products including an electric flywheel, aerodynamic golf clubs, and batteries for Formula E. It teaches young engineers modern techniques, allows them to develop new ideas and maybe start their own auto company when the opportunity presents itself. When there are so many engineers with special skills, things develop fast. In this area there is a whole cottage industry building parts for F1 and they will develop into producing parts for regular cars.

It`s why we fans love Formula 1. The teams get faster every year by maybe a second or two a lap. Listening to drivers and engineers talk about their experiences at one of our cocktail parties often puts it all into perspective. Not everyone can become a racing driver, they are born to it. It`s not just exceptional eyesight, balance, physical condition, or being born with a world champion fathers genes, or the ability to be wanted to represent a large brand due to their good looks and personality. There is also the ability to motivate his engineers, the need to win and a passion that starts as a child in go-carts.

Many drivers will know all the families of their team, their children`s names and birthday, anniversaries; to the extent the team members idolize the driver. Memory is a big part of a drivers skill set. I remember Phil Hill`s daughter Vanessa, just after Phil`s 60th birthday party telling me he could remember every birthday party he had had after five years.

I`ve been lucky to be part of Grand Prix Tours over the years and able to develop and attend our cocktail parties. I remember an engineer/owner telling me he had developed helicopters before setting up a team, when he got an idea it may take six months to build and four years to get it into production. He thought about a change to the rear wing of the F1 car the day he left for the race. The factory built a new wing and got it to the team in two days. They tested it on Friday`s practice he did not tell if it was any better.

Grand Prix Tours has offered Formula 1 weekend experiences to race fans for over 30 years. Their inside connections allow them to get the best rooms and the best viewing locations available, along with their knowledge of the each event location you will be sure to have an experience of a life time and a hassle-free weekend

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