Belgian Grand Prix

Belgium Grand Prix

The Belgian Grand Prix reputation precedes itself. From its storied past to the magical spell the track seems to cast over fans and drivers alike, one could assume the legend of Spa is along the lines of Greek mythology. But make no mistake, Spa isn`t a myth and it`s just as captivating as you`ve heard.

Make sure you get good tickets, hotel in a near city, and a Celebrity Cockail Party. So what makes Spa, well... Spa? For starters Spa is a classic circuit and motorsport in its purest form, famed for its dramatic undulation changes and challenging corners that generally produce close, exciting racing.

Belgian Grand Prix--hotel in Aachen--choice of tickets, and hospitality

Then there`s the legendary Eau Rouge. This may be the most famous, wicked, steepest, craziest corner in the entire world and the only corner in the series where drivers have negative G-forces. Seeing the best drivers in the world take on one of the most famous and challenging tracks in the world is unlike anything you`ve ever experienced!

In 2017 Spa was one of those weekends where the teams went into the race with limited knowledge of how the tires would perform on race day. Friday afternoon practice, was interrupted twice due to accidents and red flags. Most teams were briefing that it would be a two-stop race, with some teams perhaps getting marginal on degradation and needing a third stop. No one was contemplating a one-stop for the 44-lap race. In the end, Nico Rosberg won the race for Mercedes, extending his championship lead over Hamilton, who finished third, with the ever smiling Ricciardo second.

The Belgian Grand Prix has an history second to none, with Monaco and Monza, Spa goes back to the golden era of the Silver Arrows.

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Saturday/Sunday 2-Day
*F1 Paddock Club(TM) [+]   $4,335.00
*Red Bull Racing [+]   $5,745.00
All Weekend 3-Day
*F1 Paddock Club(TM) [+]   $5,125.00
*Red Bull Racing [+]   $6,725.00
*Ferrari F1 Club [+]   $7,500.00
Gold 1 [+]   $825.00
*Gold 3 [+]   $725.00
Gold 4 [+]   Sold Out
Gold 2 [+]   $725.00

* indicates ticket is on request
- Tickets are not included with your hotel package and are offered separately as there is usually a choice.
- Additional charges apply if tickets are purchased without accommodations. Please contact our office for details and for race ticket only sales.
- Additional options that are not listed here may be available.
- All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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Paddock Club

This season's must-have accessory is a Formula One Paddock Club™ ticket. Guests of the Formula One Paddock Club™ embark on a first class adventure into the world of F1. Each VIP will experience first-class race viewing facilities, pit lane walkabouts, the finest of food, open bar including champagne, and closed circuit and digital television.

Included in the price of a Formula One Paddock Club™ Ticket are:

  • Access to the circuit and the Formula One Paddock Club
  • Open bar with Champagne
  • Gourmet luncheon with fine wines
  • Pit lane walkabout(s) at specially allotted times
  • Access to Support Race Paddock
  • Official Programme and ear plugs
  • Entertainment
  • Entrance to the Club Suite, the hospitality area designed for individuals and small groups fully-equipped with TV screens, bar and lounge area.
  • Prime viewing facilities from the pit building
  • Reserved grandstand
  • Parking pass available upon request

We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exclusive luxury of the Formula One Paddock Club™. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Red Bull Racing Paddock Club

Red Bull Racing Paddock Club Hospitality is available at most Grands Prix where guests can experience Red Bull Hospitality at its very best - in their own fabulous Team Suite.

Situated directly above the Teams' garages, it not only offers the highest standard in sports hospitality but also provides an exceptional viewing platform from one of the best vantage points on the circuits - overlooking the start/finish straight.

The Red Bull Racing Paddock Club experience includes the following:

  • A prime view of the race
  • Morning refreshments upon arrival
  • Gourmet dining and fine wines
  • An open bar
  • Exclusive Team Gift Bag
  • Daily driver appearances
  • Your opportunity to explore the pit lane
  • An exclusive tour inside the Team Garage
  • Access to the Support Race Paddock
  • Complimentary copy of the Official Program
  • Entertainment and in-house DJ
  • VIP Parking

We look forward to taking care of you and your guests in the exciting luxury of the Red Bull Racing Paddock Club. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Ferrari F1 Club®

The Paddock Club™ is situated in a indoor suite topped by a roof garden with views over the entire complex. The luxuriously appointed Ferrari F1 Club® suite offers its guests a wide range of modern, sophisticated facilities.

The Ferrari F1 Club® experience includes the following:

  • A prime view of the race
  • Access to the Ferrari Formula 1® Club for the race weekend
  • Morning refreshments upon arrival
  • Gourmet dining and fine wines
  • An open bar
  • Exclusive Gift Bag
  • Driver appearances
  • A private visit to the Ferrari pits
  • Pit Lane walkabout each day at a set time

Ferrari personnel will, of course, be on hand to fulfill guests' requests at any time. If you would like to order tickets or if you need further information please email us at or call us toll free: 800 400 1998.

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Belgian Grand Prix
The 9-mile Spa Francorchamps circuit was built in the Ardennes in 1921 using public roads, it hosted the first Belgian Grand Prix in 1925. Throughout time the mountainous area of the Ardennes is known for its unpredictable weather and rain has played a major part in making the circuit extremely difficult when it rained heavily. In fact it was extremely difficult when it was dry, with dogs and chickens likely to wander onto the track and spectators standing on the edge of the road. As cars got quicker it became a disaster waiting to happen and very unpopular with the drivers.

During the filming of the movie Grand Prix the race was extremely wet, when the race started Phil Hill drove a GT40 camera car behind the field. Such were the conditions causing multiple accidents that Phil completed the first lap in the lead and as soon as he stopped in the pits was surrounded by all the team principles asking where their drivers were. Just a few years` later three drivers lost their lives during the 1970 Belgian Grand Prix race and several others were badly injured. Safety had become a big issue in F1 as drivers had only a 65 percent chance of surviving a season. Jacky Stewart led the push for safety which has saved so many lives. Just think we would have certainly lost Alonso in Australia if Sir Jacky had not pushed so hard for safety over the past 35 years.

By 1972 the Spa Francorchamps was too dangerous to continue, so the Belgian Grand prix was moved to the Zolder track which alternated Nivelles circuit near Brussels. This only lasted a couple of years before the Nivelles was substituted for the Nurbergring in Germany, which was really just as dangerous as Spa. By 1979 the Spa Francorchamps circuit was shortened to 4.3 miles with greatly improved safety, so it became Zolder alternate.. The new Spa Facorchamps circuit became an instant success with the drivers and by 1986 had become the home of the Belgian Grand prix again.

Being in the middle of the Ardennes is its only fault as the closest City is more than a one hour drive and there are no airports nearby. We stay in Aachen in Germany as it is the one of closest City we can get to Spa. It is a delightful medieval city going back to the middle ages when Charlemagne was the emperor, and later the coronation place for German kings. There are many superb restaurants and pubs to enjoy, historic buildings to visit.

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