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2017 Wimbledon at The All England Lawn Tennis Championship:

Wimbledon, home of the world`s premier tennis tournament, was founded in 1868 as "The All England Croquet Club". Nine years later, after Walter Clapton Wingfield invented a new game he called Sphairistike, the Wimbledon club added the new game to its activities and renamed it tennis. Wimbledon changed the original rules and added the name of Lawn Tennis to its title. The first Championship took place that year and a `crowd` of 200 paid a shilling each to watch Spencer Gore win the inaugural tournament. The rules have changed little since that first championship and tennis has grown to become a world-wide sport.

Wimbledon The Championship Hotels and Hospitality:

Whether you call the event "The Championship", "The All England Lawn Tennis Championship" or just "Wimbledon" it is still the premier event of the Grand Slam series of Australian, France and United States championships. It is the one championship that tennis enthusiasts have to see during their life. With centre court tickets and hospitality, you will watch AND be part of the action.

Wimbledon The Championship London:

Wimbledon could easily add inches to your waistline. There is plenty of food served during the Championship, one hundred and twelve thousand punnets (container of 10 English strawberries) with cream, two hundred and thirty thousand glasses of Pimm`s and twenty eight thousand bottles of champagne are served. Not to mention over two hundred thousand meals, one hundred thousand pints of draught beer and larger. But of course you came for The Championship... for tennis, as did the players who probably don`t touch the Pimm`s or beer, as in 2015 the All England Club awarded a total of £26.75m in prize money to competitors. However, the champagne will flow after the finals for the new champion.

London is all you can imagine, with double decker buses and London Cabs crowding the streets, don`t rent a car, because there is so little parking you will never get close to where you want to go. Take the tube, or a taxi which are plentiful, until it rains. We can easily order a limo for your Wimbledon excursions. You will be staying in central London as in this way it is easy to get to London`s many attractions. The theatre, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, the best restaurants, and the Tower of London where the Royal jewels are kept. There is so much more you can visit, you would have to stay a year or so to see it all.

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, per person based on double occupancy.

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