Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix 2019

2019 marks the 77th anniversary of the Monaco Grand Prix. There are thousands of reasons to visit Monaco but the top three are Location, Glamour and Formula1.

Monaco is located in the south of France and nestled in the gorgeous French Riviera. Monaco`s exclusive hotels, multimillion dollar mega-yachts, gourmet restaurants, high-end shopping, and exotic cars parked on every corner are among the many other reasons to visit.

Monaco is unique in being one of only three street courses on the Formula 1 schedule. Come see the cars at close range with engines screaming, brakes glowing and tires smoking at the 77th Monaco Grand Prix.

With more than 35 years of consecutive attendance you can be sure that your Grand Prix Tours experience will be as fabulous as this remarkable city.

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To be sure you watch The Monaco Grand Prix from the best location make a simple phone call to our office and we will certainly point you in the right direction. While the Paddock Clubs are the epitome of viewing experiences while at the race there are several amazing balconies, harbor yachts and grandstands that make for great viewing as well.

During the Grand Prix sponsors throw money around like there is no tomorrow. The F1 circus in full swing with all the pomp and circumstance. The ritz and glitz shows the glamorous side of F1 in the south of France. Arguably, the Monaco Grand Prix is the most esteemed motor race in the world.

To see the cars reach the speeds that they do and in such a confined area is incredible. It`s also a testament to the talent of the drivers. Anyone can drive fast on a wide smooth racing circuit but the bravery factor definitely comes into play while driving in Monaco. You can fluke a win in F1 but you don`t fluke a win at the Monaco Grand Prix.

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Thursday 1-Day
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $1,250.00
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $595.00
*Cafe Grand Prix [+]   $485.00
Saturday 1-Day
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $1,450.00
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $1,845.00
*Ermanno Terrace [+]   $1,125.00
*Platinum Terrace [+]   $1,175.00
*Trackside (Fairmont) [+]   $1,075.00
*Cafe De Paris [+]   $695.00
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day
*Grandstand K [+]   $1,650.00
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $4,550.00
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $4,300.00
*Ermanno Terrace [+]   $3,600.00
*F1 Paddock Club(TM) [+]   $6,400.00
*Ferrari F1 Club [+]   $11,220.00
Sunday 1-Day Tickets
*Grandstand B [+]   $895.00
Grandstand K [+]   $895.00
*Yacht Viewing [+]   $3,925.00
*Caravelles Rooftop [+]   $3,675.00
*Ermanno Terrace [+]   $2,895.00
*Platinum Terrace [+]   $2,225.00
*Trackside (Fairmont) [+]   $2,345.00

* indicates ticket is on request
- Tickets are not included with your hotel package and are offered separately as there is usually a choice.
- Additional charges apply if tickets are purchased without accommodations. Please contact our office for details and for race ticket only sales.
- Additional options that are not listed here may be available.
- All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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Monaco Grand Prix When William Grover Williams won the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929 the track followed much the same streets as it does today. The track is not as dusty as the 1930`s and the surface infinitely better. It is much safer with barriers keeping the cars contained on the track rather than in the port or wrapped around a palm tree or historic building. The Swimming Pool has created a fabulous series of corners and the Rascasse section helps entry into the modern pit area and also replaces the Gasworks Hairpin of old. Gone is the railway station to a modern underground location, replaced by the deluxe Fairmont Hotel which still has its hairpin plus a long tunnel underneath the hotel

Since the inaugural Grand Prix the cars have changed the most, with the French Bugatti`s giving way to the golden era of the Silver Arrows that dominated until 1937. The front engine cars of the 1940`s and 50`s ruled the roost until the rear engine gained the upper hand and brought in commercialism by way of sponsorship in the late 1960`s. Gone are the Counts, Marques, Barons, Lords, Viscounts and Princes who were the only drivers able to afford a race seat after WW11, replaced by paid drivers with the ability to raise sponsorship.

The late 60`s and 70`s brought high wings which kept growing smaller until the discovery of underbody aerodynamics that by the 80`s produced so much downforce that cars would porpoise along the straights. Composite cars became the vogue when NASA developments showed the way new composite materials can be used. A phase of active suspension, automatic gearboxes and antilock brakes, plus clever innovations that produced high down force! All gone, banned. Now we have hybrid F1 cars which apart from the lack of multi cylinder engine noise are the highest level of technical achievement. Today`s F1 cars have developed into incredible technical masterpieces, with engineering supported by major auto manufacturers

It is not as if the Principality has not changed, much of the land in Fontville was reclaimed from the ocean in 1970 and condominiums, harbors, a soccer stadium, hotels, the Heliport, and Princes Auto Collection have replaced the Med. New hotels have increased the rooms available

Grand Prix Tours has operated tours to the Monaco Grand Prix for over 30 years and have experienced all the problems you can have. You can look on a map that shows a grandstand within easy reach - because of road closures it will take you 50 minutes to get there by foot, unless you know about the tunnels that will shorten your walk to a few minutes. All the GP Tours staff has experienced the Monaco Grand Prix over 20 times. They know how to get to the Old Town in a few minutes, or the Casino by boat and elevator in five minutes flat.

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