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Americas Cup

The 2017 America`s Cup

The America’s Cup is all about national pride between England and America. It dates back over one hundred and sixty five years to Victorian times. London was hosting the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851 and Prince Albert consort to Queen Victoria was organizing it. It was the first World Fair.

To commemorate the Exhibition the Royal Yacht Squadron based at Cowes Castle on the Isle of Wight organized a yacht race to show the world their latest boat technology. It was a big deal, like the song goes “Britannia Rules the Waves”. They accepted an entry from the New York Yacht Club only to find that the black schooner America’s was infinitely faster than any of the squadron`s yachts.

Bermuda, Oracle Team USA, Land Rover BAR team, The America`s Cup

The squadron tried to wriggle out of the race but pressure from the press made that too difficult. As the race drew to a close Queen Victoria asked an aid `Who is second` and the reply that came with a stiff upper lip was `Your Majesty, there is no second`. The inevitable had happened and America’s sailed off with the cup giving the Brits a bloody nose. To rub salt into the wound they changed the name from the 100 Pound Cup and named it after their schooner America’s. So the America’s Cup became a challenge trophy for sailing clubs of all nations.

Talk about deep seated pride, it took the British 20 years to recover enough to even challenge for the cup. After 132 years the America’s Cup was still on show at the New York Yacht Club after many attempts by the English to win it back.

In 2017 the America’s Cup takes place in Bermuda which is more British than England itself. England has never won “their” cup and their $100M syndicate includes the very British Land Rover, the Squadron’s patron is Queen Elizabeth II with the Squadron’s Admiral Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburg. The yacht is designed by the brilliant Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey and skippered by Olympian Sir Ben Ainslie who fully expects to take the America’s Cup back home to England where he believes it belongs. Just as Oracles Team USA skipper and helmsman Jimmy Spithill expects to keep the Cup in San Francisco.

Be part of the excitement as yachts battle to win the famed cup. Flying out of the water, always on the edge of capsizing, taking the wind out of each other’s sails or as they now call them wings. Watch from Hamilton’s natural arena or from a boat following the race. There is nothing as exciting as watching the America’s Cup yachts with their high pitched hum travelling up to 50 mph, three times the wind speed, in close company of their rivals.

The America’s Cup is truly a global phenomenon, an event that will attract thousands. Get your hotel room booked today.

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, per person based on double occupancy.

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