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2017 Belgian Grand Prix

Belgium Grand Prix

The Belgian Grand Prix reputation precedes itself. From its storied past to the magical spell the track seems to cast over fans and drivers alike, one could assume the legend of Spa is along the lines of Greek mythology. But make no mistake, Spa isn`t a myth and it`s just as captivating as you`ve heard.

So what makes Spa, well... Spa? For starters Spa is a classic circuit and motorsport in its purest form, famed for its dramatic undulation changes and challenging corners that generally produce close, exciting racing. Then there`s the legendary Eau Rouge. This may be the most famous, wicked, steepest, craziest corner in the entire world and the only corner in the series where drivers have negative G-forces. Seeing the best drivers in the world take on one of the most famous and challenging tracks in the world is unlike anything you`ve ever experienced!

In 2015 Spa was one of those weekends where the teams went into the race with limited knowledge of how the tires would perform on race day. Friday afternoon practice, was interrupted twice due to accidents and red flags. Most teams were briefing that it would be a two-stop race, with some teams perhaps getting marginal on degradation and needing a third stop. No one was contemplating a one-stop for the 44-lap race. In the end, Lewis Hamilton won the race for Mercedes, extending his championship lead over Rosberg, who finished second. Romain Grosjean and Lotus secured a podium finish for the first time since the 2013 United States Grand Prix, benefiting from a controversial tire failure on Sebastian Vettel`s Ferrari late in the race. You never know what you`re going to see when you come to spa!

Belgian Grand Prix Offers:

The Belgian Grand Prix has an history second to none, with Monaco and Monza, Spa goes back to the golden era of the Silver Arrows.

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