United States Grand Prix

Marriott South Austin

  • Fri Oct 23rd to Mon Oct 26th
  • Tour #2598A
  • October 25, 2015 Circuit of the Americas
  • Marriott South
  • 4 Miles from downtown
  • Breakfast daily
  • F1 Driver hosted dinner party
  • Track transfers on Sat/Sun
  • Complimentary downtown shuttle
  • GPT tour gift package
  • Hospitality desk
  • On-site GPT representative
  • Tax/Service included
  • Tour and race itinerary
  • Restaurant/Entertainment guide
  • Race tickets not included
  • Prices are per person, double occupancy
  • 3 nights for $1,695.00


  • Weekend:  
  • GPT office staff:  
  • Accomodations:  
  • GPT tour staff:  
  • Track facilities:  


Remember your favorite roller coaster ride when you were a kid? As soon as you got off you ran back in line because you just HAD to ride it one more time? That`s how we feel about the United States Grand Prix in Austin!

Any doubts that the Circuit of the Americas would produce a `passing` race were well and truly laid to rest with a tremendous return to the US by Formula One. The grandstands feature excellent views of more than a single corner or straightaway and the layout allowed for enough passes throughout the field that it was easy to lose count - when was the last time you could say that about a Formula One race?

We aren`t stretching the truth when we say it was probably the best race of the year at the best F1 facility on the calendar. So, anyone want to get back in line with us for next year`s United States Grand Prix in Austin?

All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, per person based on double occupancy.